Natural pond designs

pondsjapanese garden pond Natural pond designs are almost endless, ranging from the traditional appearance that is very similar to a beautiful natural swimming pool. Pond can even replace some of the ecological functions lost with the loss of wetland area, especially in the form of habitat for plants. The unique design purpose is to convert pool into conventional nature pond, keeping the original swimming area. You only need to add a shallow plant area around it to enable the natural purification. In addition to beautiful, warm natural pool quickly and efficiently in the sun, which means it does not need an expensive price to get hot (like a conventional pool). There are varieties of interesting options, from ultra-contemporary designs to integrate the features with either the gardens or the surrounding landscape. Relax in the pool make it as natural a different experience. Swimming nature seem more in tune with the beautiful mountain scenery more than an artificial pool. Create a meeting with friends at your natural pool, without worrying about leeches, bacteria, pollution or other problems. Natural ponds in various sizes and shapes, making it feel different. Enjoy your day with a swim and bask under the sun :) ponds ponds pond design backyard ponds

Natural Ponds

koi pond gardens The world's amphibian population is disappearing at an alarming rate. At the same time, natural wildlife ponds and bog areas are disappearing - being drained in both the countryside by encroaching development as well as in the back gardens of older homes. We must thank to the harmonious unity of ponds, the natural pool ensures pure enjoyment. A natural pool or natural pond is a system consisting of a constructed body of water, where the water is contained by an isolating membrane or membranes, in which no chemicals or devices that disinfect or sterilize water are used, and all clarifying and cleaning of the water is achieved purely with the motion of the water through biological filters and plants rooted hydroponically in the system. It’s without any chemicals at all, but with an abundance of flora and fauna. Natural Ponds gives a wide vision of friendly-environment pond, garden, or landscaping. With natural pool we can have the taste of a new world of outdoor enjoyment and swimming pleasure. he design and build of natural swimming pools and natural swimming ponds are the best solution for every house. Many people in Europe already do have natural swimming ponds and they are catching on quickly in America. They are eco-friendly and beautiful! water gardensponds ponds ponds

natural pond cleaner

If you’ve ever owned a swimming pool you know it’s a chore, all the cleaning and maintenance, and you know the chlorine can’t be good for you nor the planet. Keeping even the smallest ponds clear and free of bacteria and algae can be challenging. but Pond bacteria is natural and safe for fish, pets and people and should be a mainstay of any pond. The benefits of pond bacteria are undeniable: breaks down organic waste, seeds biological filters, reduces ammonia, nitrite and nitrates, reduces nutrient load in ponds and balances the ecosystem. Although each pond differs in the amount of sun, depth, dimensions, water movements and temperature, a well-managed maintenance will be helpful in achieving a balance for your pond. Natural Pond Management is not difficult nor is it more expensive than conventional chemical treatments. Some plants, such as water lilies play a vital role as a natural pond cleaner. Water lilies are helpful to avoid green water from your pond. garden pond ponds ponds ponds ponds beautiful garden ponds

Natural swimming ponds

ponds The wonderful idea that this pond could be yours is even better! Request a consultation now to start making your dream come true. A natural pond is one which follows the forms and curves of nature, with no built-up edges. A natural pond is perhaps the simplest and least expensive type of pond to create and fits in where there is a flat area in the garden. These are based on the natural principles of a well-balanced natural pond which flows with fresh and natural water. Design Pond that is so natural looking, like it was already there. Natural swimming ponds do not use the complex technology of chemical sterilization and filtration. Instead, they use nature's infinitely more sophisticated technology: ecological balance. As in a natural lake, micro-organisms break down organic matter into materials which plants can use as nutrients. ponds pondsponds pondsponds