natural pond cleaner

If you’ve ever owned a swimming pool you know it’s a chore, all the cleaning and maintenance, and you know the chlorine can’t be good for you nor the planet. Keeping even the smallest ponds clear and free of bacteria and algae can be challenging. but Pond bacteria is natural and safe for fish, pets and people and should be a mainstay of any pond. The benefits of pond bacteria are undeniable: breaks down organic waste, seeds biological filters, reduces ammonia, nitrite and nitrates, reduces nutrient load in ponds and balances the ecosystem. Although each pond differs in the amount of sun, depth, dimensions, water movements and temperature, a well-managed maintenance will be helpful in achieving a balance for your pond. Natural Pond Management is not difficult nor is it more expensive than conventional chemical treatments. Some plants, such as water lilies play a vital role as a natural pond cleaner. Water lilies are helpful to avoid green water from your pond. garden pond ponds ponds ponds ponds beautiful garden ponds

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