pond or pool ?

pondsponds Creating a pool at home, of course, is very interesting, it can be a great training ground and of course a very pleasant entertainment. But to get the water clear and healthy, sometimes we need the chlorine that can harm our health. The effect of chlorine can damage the hair. In fact, some studies reveal about rising asthma, because the use of chemicals in the pool. A study in Norway also noted an increased risk of meningitis on kids before the age of 6 months. Sweat in the water can also react with chlorine, forming toxin known as chloramines. Some pool design company in England and America began to offer to build a natural swimming kolam2, which no longer requires chlorine to purify water. Of course to get a swimming pool like that, they need materials and design of the planners. If you have read these kind of useful articles, well- managed crystal clear natural pool water does not require chemicals to maintain, because they clean themselves through mini ecosystem. Natural pools designer says the system also has lower maintenance costs than conventional pools, and installation costs them nothing more than standard designs. koi ponds pond plants natural swimming pools ponds